Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From me to you

The film industry today sucks.
There, I said it.
The silver screen is filled with worthless pieces of garbage, littered by money-driven no-talents who will put anyone through 97 minutes of crap to sign their checks. Ashton Kutcher, Jason Lee, and the ridiculously dissapointing M. Night Shyamalan are the big names that we put up with in this generation of cinema. I weep in agony some nights at the thought of the movies my children will be paying $27.00 to see twenty years from now.
I want the people of my generation to know that there are still movies worth seeing out there. The movies that capture you're imagination, that tear at your emotions, that make you say "Holy crap I can't believe what I am seeing right now."
Don't get me wrong, I recognize the great movies made in modern times. There are some that live up to the true works of art that were made before my time, and these both will live long past anyone alive today's time. 
My name is Clay, and there's no real reason why you should be persuaded by my opinion. All you will have to do is watch the movies I recommend, and see that I am right.

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